Sky Lantern


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    6 Pieces each of Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange. Folklore has it that the lanterns carry away with them bad spirits and misfortune high into the sky and far away leaving behind only good luck and fortune for the releaser. They are ideally suited for a multitude of functions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new year celebrations, etc.
    When our flying sky lanterns are simultaneously released into the night sky they create a truly mesmerizing display, which is both noiseless, environmentally friendly and easy to use instructions.

    Sky Lanterns are made of non-flammable, biodegradable material. A wick is suspended from the frame (cross hairs) which is lit enabling the flying lantern to fill with hot air and float off into the sky.

    Note that Sky Lanterns should never be flown if there is any wind at all. Wait for a calm day.